Have a good night`s Sleep

  • Don’ be worry about your baby while you sleep. we will protect your baby not to fall
  • Bumper guard was manufactured by real experience.
    We understood the parents` feelings of parenting more than anyone else.
    We are looking forward to have a whole happy virus in your home with positive sleep


  • We always develope for mom, who think how to make more happy for their baby.
    “Make a product for mom & Make a company for mom” this is our motto.

    Not only for babies but also for moms

  • Everything is unfamiliar to a mother. Babies are uncomfortable because it`s not easy to moms to feeding milk properly & changing a baby diapers. It`s very sorry for our babies, who only relies on her mother. Some babies has an atopy and Some days fall down from the bed. She looks at a crying baby and she talks
  • “Don`t cry baby, I will take care of you”

The origin of RUTTI cushion. My family likes camping, so we went there often. When I was driving, I saw my child always feel uncomfortable with his seat belt. I wondered what I could do for a child. Then I suddenly remembered the safety bar at the amusement park. I developed both function and design so that children can wear seat blet comfortably. Recently, fake products have been made and sold in many countries. It may look similar, but please compare it. There`s a specific strength of KANGARURU.   The origin of bumper guard My baby has fallen off the bed for about 15 months. It happened when we slept together in the bed. I was so sad to see the crying baby. After that experience, I slept together in a low baby bed, but it was too small to sleep. After that, I made a bumper cushion that fixes the bed with a buckle.

And there are many mothers who wants to buy this product. And 2020 we`ve released an upgraded product with our customers`suggestions.
The origin of modal bedding My daughter has had fever and atopy since she was a newborn. So I made clothes and blankets for my daughter with less irritating materials. While looking for a good fabric, I found a material called Modal. Modal was thought to be a suitable material for sensitive children`s skin because it feels soft and has no irritation. As I used non-irritating bedding and clothes, my child`s skin naturally got better. Parents who have the same worries as me also told me that after experiencing modal bedding, it became the bedding that children love. I`m really confident in modal bedding.  


  • There is no space to fall down and It`s very soft

  • We prevent our baby fall down from the bed

  • rail bed guard, it`s not interrupt our home interior

  • Use ‘KANGARURU’ 3D cool-mesh baby modal mat

  • KANGARURU mats are thick and fluffy it`s so comfortable.

  • Double-sided available baby mat can use it four seasons

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    Bumper Guard

  • Bumper guard was manufactured by real experience.
    We are looking forward to have a whole happy virus in your home with positive sleep




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